When you teach others how to get in shape, it doesn't hurt if your approach is like Kai Bell's. The gay Atlanta fitness trainer makes fitness his passion and it shows.

So we asked the 40-year-old owner of his namesake fitness and wellness company about his secrets to fitness perfection, his diet and what he does in the gym to get in perfect swimsuit form and strike those model poses. Really, though, would you expect any less from someone who calls his classes "Extreme Body Suicide"?

"I'm pretty much a workaholic," Bell says. "On any given week I will work 70 to 80 hours. I'm a huge movie buff, love to cook and stay on airplanes having to always be on the go."

What got you so focused on fitness?

I've always had a passion for fitness. I ran track in middle school and high school, and was a cheerleader in college. So the fitness bug was always there. It really kicked into high gear in 1999 at age 25 when I lost my lover in a car accident and through the pain I gained 100 pounds. After dealing with his loss, I went through a battle with kidney cancer. After seeing myself in a picture I had to pull it back together and became overly dedicated to my fitness.

The diet: Protein power

I eat a lot, and I do mean a lot! Breakfast can consist of five eggs, a piece of turkey sausage and a protein shake. Second meal is one-half of a sweet potato, chicken breast and spinach. Third meal might be broccoli, salmon and kale. Fourth meal is yogurt, almonds and protein shake. For the fifth, it's flank steak, asparagus and spinach.

I actually love to cook. My problem is that I can cook my ass off and love making sweets that I won't even eat. Typically if I'm at a restaurant I'll order a dish high in protein, and then load my plate with veggies. It actually pisses my friends off when they see my plate and there's more food on it then theirs.

The workout: Experiment

My workout routine can be pretty intense. I always train two to three body parts when working out, such as chest and back, or chest, back and biceps. Cardio for me can be all across the board because I make sure to change it up daily. One day I'll do the StairMaster, the next day the bike, and then the treadmill. Usually, I'm in the gym everyday one to two times a day and I have to force myself to take a day off. Keeping the workout fresh for me revolves around experimenting and creating new workout routines or workout moves.

Biggest challenge: Sweet, sweet goodness

My biggest challenge ... all I'm going to say is M&M'S are the damn devil!

Your motivation: Staying faithful to fitness

I do it because it's part of my life now. I feel horrible if I don't work out to the point where I even work out on vacation. Staying faithful to my fitness program isn't hard at all. I believe that if you want people to follow you and utilize your services, then you have to be a calling card for you.

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