Kwanza Hall, whose City Council district includes Midtown and several intown neighborhoods with large LGBT populations, said there's still progress to be done on LGBT issues – work he wants to continue as Atlanta mayor.

That work includes continuing a pilot program that offers pre-trial intervention and diversion assistant to transgender sex workers and others in Midtown, pushing the city to do more in fighting HIV, and paving the way for LGBT entrepreneurs to land a coveted spot for a retail or foot outlet at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

"I'm committed to service," Hall said on a new episode of Podcast Q. "I put service higher than politics and that's a testament to the kind of work we've done in District 2. I'd like to share that with the rest of the city."

Hall said the city can do a better job of "recruiting, supporting and ensuring" that LGBT vendors get a slice of city contracts and that it's time the airport make room for an LGBT focused business.

"We are right finally as a city to go beyond the idea of just having, you know, kind of minority participation in our contracting process to look at LGBTQ contracting practices and some type of policy where we're intentional about recruiting and supporting and ensuring that business goes to those who are in that community," he said.

"What I've seen in District 2 is an outstanding number of entrepreneurs who would be right to do business at the airport. But sometimes it seems like that's a closed place for a lot of people," he added.

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On the new episode, Hall also talked about helping homeless LGBT youth and a pre-trial intervention program that the city launched earlier this year with a $250,000 pilot to help keep transgender sex workers and others with minor offenses out of the criminal justice system.

"We just can't keep putting people in jail over and over and over when they are doing petty crimes or sometimes just loitering or standing on a corner and we've got serious criminals out there but our police officers are not able to focus on those crimes," Hall said.