Through 10 years as Fulton County Commission chair, John Eaves built a lengthy track record on LGBT issues and developed support among gay voters. Now, he's pointing to that record as he runs for Atlanta mayor.

Whether it was working behind-the-scenes to make sure the state's first gay marriages went off without a hitch or helping to develop an ambitious plan to fight HIV in the county, Eaves pointed to his "strong track record."

"We were the first to open our doors when marriage equality became the law of the land, opened up Assembly Hall, had quite a few folks come in – judges from Superior Court, State Court, Probate Court," Eaves said on a new episode of Podcast Q. "They really were out there and helping people to get married – seamless."

But he's not resting on that record. There's more to do around LGBT issues, Eaves said, and described helping LGBT businesses getting registered as vendors for city business as the "next frontier to be explored."

"The uncharted territory I think in terms of the city is how can we better integrate the LGBT community in terms of doing business with the city," Eaves said.

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On the new episode, Eaves also discussed how his administration would include LGBT people on boards, committees and commissions.

"One of the strengths of Atlanta is our diversity. And I certainly come from a unique background. Certainly as an African American, a Jew certainly have felt marginalized because of my racial and my religious identity and I think that it's important for members of the LGBT community to feel protected and supported. So I will continue to work hard and be as inclusive as possible," Eaves said.