READ MORE | See how these gay Atlanta guys stay so fit

Maybe you've spotted him in snug briefs jogging with Santa, going shirtless to promote Smirnoff in gay Atlanta or getting soaking wet to scrub cars for charity. So we asked Lee Arnett how he gets that body toned up to strip down.

Somehow, the 22-year-old Arnett manages to focus on his fitness between his studies at the Art Institute Of Atlanta, work and a healthy dose of play that includes drawing and painting, skateboarding and spending time with friends.

What got you so focused on fitness?

As a kid I was really into gymnastics and tumbling or pretty much anything active, really. My first intro to working out was in eighth grade when I was on the weight-lifting team in school. Then about two years ago I was approached by Beshara Abebe while working the front desk at Gravity Fitness. He said he would train me for the upcoming NPC Competition that was only four weeks away, and that I would win if I let him train me. Sure enough, ended up winning first in my class and qualified for Nationals! Just been a habit ever since.

The diet: Grilled goodness

Most people are going to hate this but I rarely cook anymore and mostly eat out. While l do have a huge candy addiction, I try to make sure I make up for it best I can with my main meals. Mostly chicken and steak with potatoes or something that is similarly as healthy, And grilled always. When l'm not training, though, I really just make sure I don't get to crazy with the junk food because anyone that knows me knows I Iove me some sweets!

The workout: With a buddy

No cardio really. Love free weights for strength training and usually use hammer strength machines for easy, more toning and sculpting workouts. And my roommate Casey always helps keeps things fresh by suggesting new workouts, routines and all that goodness. It helps tremendously to have a gym buddy because I've never really been crazy about solo workouts. For me, it just helps when there is someone there motivating you throughout your workout.

The diet: Live, but just a little

Definitely diet. I'm sure everyone could eat and do better food wise but hey, you gotta splurge and live a little.

The motivation: Your future self

Just knowing that it will pay off later in life. I try to think about how glad I will be when I'm 50 and not having to kill myself at the gym to reach a goal. I will just have to maintain. My future self thanks me. And it overall just makes me feel better.

Final thoughts: Goals and dedication

Getting ripped or fit doesn't happen overnight. I've found that setting goals is a great way to keep motivated and not get overwhelmed or discouraged. Everyone's body is different and isn't going to react the same. Dedication and perseverance is key to fitness or anything for that matter. Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.