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Found On Grindr: Creepy, funny and random

When author Totally Tyler hit Mixx Atlanta with Brushstrokes last month on his book tour, he also screened a hilarious slideshow of real Grindr finds, and we asked him to share it with you.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? If you like it put a ring on it

I want to try a cock ring, but I don’t know what to buy or how to put it on. It’s all so confusing. How do you decide between leather, metal, or Velcro? And how do I determine what size to get?    READ MORE »

Nation’s power centers hot for Grindr [video]

Two enterprising young female Washington Examiner reporters went looking for gay male sex at the White House, Pentagon and the Capitol. Their Grindr app didn't disappoint.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Bit lip, lap bits, lil’ bit

If “There's no such thing as a stupid question,” here are three that challenge that. HIV from kissing? Crotch radiation from laptop? And "old" guys keep hitting on me. Rx: liberal application of logic.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Eating your way to a hotter body

Most people, even fitness buffs, have no idea of how to eat correctly. Some think that drinking shakes or eating just protein is the way to go. Crazy diets deprive your body, so pay attention.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Resistance training in the pool

A well-rounded fitness program should include cardiovascular and flexibility components. But don’t head straight to the equipment room for resistance training. Consider hitting the water.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Cheat O’Meter: flirting vs. cheating

You see him at the bar or gym. You think, “I’d do him.” You’re fine. Beyond that, let this handy system help you and your boyfriend come to an agreement on what’s OK and what crosses the line.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Trouble with ‘who’s the bottom’

In the ever-present world of some gay men to label themselves and others, the question arises: during oral, who’s the “bottom”? We have an answer, but why waste valuable sex time worrying about it?    READ MORE »

Need Wood? How to conquer Hot Guy Phobia

You see him. He’s so sexy. You can’t bring yourself to look at him for very long, much less talk to him. Instead of sneaking glances and going home alone, picture him as a doorway.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Seven tips to gain mass and power

If you’re already working like a horse but still can’t seem to build the bulk you’re looking for, look at what you’re eating, how you’re resting and exactly how you work out, from variety to consistency.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Is my boyfriend a sex addict?

You wanted to crack the door open to other partners in your relationship. He wanted to blow it off its hinges. Determining whether your guy is just a whore or an addict all comes down to consequences.    READ MORE »

Fitness: No sugar? How’s a body get so sweet?

Too much sugar can have unpleasant consequences from tooth decay and obesity to diabetes and heart disease. In the battle to reduce body fat, are there alternatives to the white stuff?    READ MORE »

Need Wood? How does a top top a top?

He's awesome. You're falling. Everything's perfect—with that one big catch: you're both tops. How to get some booty now and then rather than always giving it up and feeling compromised.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Losing my erection with condoms

You’re not alone if you go limp at the thought of a condom or while searching for one. Here are three reasons that the rat bastards are a buzz kill, and solutions for overcoming their necessary evil.    READ MORE »

Jock Strap Maids make housecleaning…dirty

What’s better than having someone clean your house? Watching a man tidy up your pad in a jock strap, of course. That’s the hook for a trend that’s apparently sweeping the country—including Atlanta.    READ MORE »

UGA’s Joe Cox lives up to his name

UGA quarterback Joe Cox likes "Family Guy," Lil Wayne, wings and Tiger Woods. His best physical attribute? His red hair.Oh, Joe, we so know it's not your, well, wanker. How's that?    READ MORE »

Strip down, show off for Jock Boy contest

imageIf you're a jock who like to show off, we have just the opportunity for you.

The guys at -- one of whom is Project Q's fitness blogger, Troy Meyers -- are hosting their second annual Jock Boy of the Year contest. It really boils down to this: Hot jocks submit photos of themselves in action -- sports action, that is -- and you get to vote for your favorites online. The top three vote-getters receive a host of free stuff from

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Javy Lopez and his multi-million dollar home

imageMy man-crush on Javy Lopez didn't end when his run with the Atlanta Braves did last year. Fortunately, I was on hand to see his last performances as a Brave during his attempted return in Spring Training last year.

Nevertheless, Lopez didn't lose the love for Atlanta and remains in the suburbs in a 8,500-square-foot home. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution caught up with Lopez recently for a photo spread in the paper's Private Quarters feature.

Two things are clear from the photos: Lopez, at 38, remains as hunky as ever and his house shows that he managed to bank some of his millions, unlike many pro players who are dropped from their sport and soon find themselves without a penny to their name.

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‘Gods of Football’: Aussie rugby at its best

imageIt's that time of year when every stud with a cause poses for a new calendar. And we like that.

Add this one to the bunch: The 2009 version of "Gods of Football," which includes players from Austrailia's Rugby League and Aussie Rules Football in a benefit for a foundation that funds breast cancer nurses. Nothing like stripping down for a good cause and producing a calendar and DVD. (Thanks to the guys at Outsports for bringing this to our attention.)

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Swimmers strip down to deliver pizza

imageThe next time the Atlanta Rainbow Trout is considering a fundraiser, the gay swim group might do well to go the route of the Penn State swim team.

A few swim jocks from the school joined others from the ice hockey team in a recent charity auction. To heat up the bidding, they stripped off their shirts. And to top it off, the five college athletes (photo) offered to deliver pizza sans shirts.

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