imageTen teams from the Hotlanta Softball League are competing in the Gay Softball World Series, which opened play Tuesday in Seattle. Art Davenport (photo), HSL’s Open Division secretary, will be providing posts throughout the Series. Go here for a list of HSL teams taking part.

Wednesday started off with rain delays due to overnight storms. Most fields only experienced a two-hour delay, but the Russell Road complex was running later, so they moved some games to another park to begin pool play. But for all the delays, ATL teams fared well Wednesday, so here are the two-day pool-play results:

A Division:
Venom 3-0
Mudcats 2-1
I wasn’t at the Venom’s games today, but know they played two good games. The Mudcats started off with a tough game against the Boston Fritz, but was able to pull it out as a win. But their second game wasn’t quite the same, as the Houston Force pulled ahead and stayed there the entire game.

B Division
Sluggers 3-0

C Division
Arsenal 2-1
Packers 2-1
Both C teams knew they had to recover from their losses on Tuesday, so they came to the fields today ready to do what it took—and they did. As I understand it, the Arsenal had some fantastic plays, including a home run exactly when it was needed.

D Division
Muddawgs 3-0
Steel 2-1

The HSL Board is trying it’s best to get around to all fields and support our teams, as even these teams, the best of the best, like to have fan support. So keep on sending your winning vibes our way.

Wednesday night also featured GSWS Talent Show with ATL’s own Bubba D. Licious as host of the festivities. While HSL doesn’t have any contestants in the show, we’re going to be there to enjoy the entertainment and support the evening’s charities, Lifelong AIDS Alliance and Lambert House, two very worthy organizations.

The original plan was that the seeding/tournament brackets would be posted around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, but due to the rain delays I’d estimate it’ll be later.  As soon as I have the information I’ll send it along. Remember to keep us in your thoughts, as the real play now begins.

Happy Birthday wishes to Mark P., of the Packers!