More than a dozen men—and for the first time, a lesbian—bared their chests and other body parts to try and take the Mr. HSL crown during a raucous pageant on Saturday.

A longtime Hotlanta Softball player, Ron Stan Leathers from HSL team the Foxes, was a crowd favorite and that helped him take the crown from last year’s winner, beefy Nathane Davis. He won the title from Tony Alvarez, whose leather wardrobe helped clinch his win in 2011 after Brandon Massillon took top honors in 2010.

The sexy contest at Jungle often takes a less is more approach for contestant wardrobes, though organizers this year put a Hotlanta Heroes twist on the event to broaden its appeal and pool of contestants. It worked. Maile Gordon, a lesbian who plays on the Night Riders, took second place. The team is the only women’s squad that competes in the men’s division of HSL.

But the heroes twist didn’t stop the parade of flesh, led by the Titans’ John Ring (top image), and still provided plenty of opportunities for emcee Ruby Redd to gawk, touch and talk about.

Money raised during the competition will benefit league teams heading to the World Series in August. Tips collected by the contestants will be donated to Lost N Found Youth, which helps homeless gay teens.