What really makes older dates and mates so hot?

Dating up in age bracket is about the experience. Older queers who want some younger action need to know it’s not the gym or your wallet that make you so attractive.


Got It Together

It’s the life and attitude, not money, that offers security. Hot mamas and daddies have their shit together enough to share.


Life Experience

They don’t have to be a certain age to have been around the block, learned some lessons, and come out wiser.


Guiding Instincts

Knowing is key when to nurture, when to let go, when to let paramours fail on their own, and when to offer tough or comforting love.



Older mates finally know what Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts meant by that "trusty and reliable." They’ve built a reputation of trust and respect through actions and consistency.


Not ‘Yours’

There’s a difference between a Hot Mama and a Dom. Both are fine if that’s the deal you strike of course, but generally mates don’t own or control the other person. Advice yes, calling the shots no.



You’re going to make each other feel old or young sometimes. The good ones know the score and take it in stride.


Person of Interest

Whether it’s crossfit or crochet, climbing or cooking, strong contenders for older dates and mates are well rounded, sharing and even teaching those interests with their paramours.


Accept Differences

The best way to be a good older mate is to accept, laugh, and work around common challenges like bedtimes and musical tastes.


Been There

From mental exes to mean bosses, the nightlife scene and beyond, older dates have seen their way through it and make great mentors.


Open Minded

The very best still have room to learn a thing or two from their younger mates and let them be the teacher sometimes.

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