There are epic rants from gay bar owners and epic retorts from fired drag queens. But none of it quite matches the zest, animated spirit and slightly profane response you’ll get if drag whistle blower Baton Bab is crossed.

He’s unloaded on a cranky complainer, stood nose-to-nose with a petty thief during an anti-gay confrontation and even gotten witty with Judge Joe Brown. And then there’s this, his Facebook rant describing the less than welcoming reception he received Wednesday at the Ritz-Carlton on Peachtree Street in downtown Atlanta.

“Baby Dolls,.....Let me share with you;....the God Damn Experience, that I received; when I showed up at the Downtown RITZ CHARLTON, THAT MY CLIENT HAD HIRED ME TO PARTAKE IN!!!!!....I was immediately, bombarded by SECURITY, to verify who I was and why was I there??????.....Their Head Security Officer took me down in the F*cking Bowels of the the Hotel to verify, who I was!......When the client that hired me , showed up to verify why I was there; and she realized how they had treated me;......she was in TEARS of embrassment!......They treated me as if, I was the God Damn person that planted the BOMBS at the Boston Marathon!!!.....Needless to say, I was not a Happy Camper!!!...I was swambed by at least seven motherfuckers in designer suits, trying to justify their fucked up behavior!!!!!.....I sugggest that you BOYCOTT, the downtown RITZ; send a constructive message that you don’t EVER,.....DISRESPECT BATON BOB;.....REGARDLESS OF YOUR IGNORANCE!!!!!....ALL I’M FUCKING SAYING , RIGHT NOW!!!!!”

He followed up Thursday morning:

“I am not DONE,.....with the RITZ CHARLTON’S BEHAVIOR and TREATMENT of Baton Bob;.....last evening!!!!!......All I’m Saying!!!!!”

We’ve reached out to a Ritz spokesperson and will update if we receive a response.