Can a 7-year-old and her gay uncle out glitz drag queens? Um, yes. The Georgia clan from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" did just that last week over bingo and burgers.

Mama June Shannon was on hand, too, accompanying Alana Thompson (photo right) and Uncle Poodle (Lee Thompson, left) on a visit Aug. 20 to Hamburger Mary's in Jacksonville. The trio enjoyed a warm reception and drags. Lots of drag.

No word if Alana belted out a rendition of "Everybody's a Little Gay" from last season. Or if Uncle Poodle started a food fight. But with the second season of the TLC hit underway, the family from McIntyre, Ga., knows how to play to its gay fan base.

And you just know Uncle Poodle was on Grindr the entire time.

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