One of gay Atlanta’s most shiny jewels is our plethora of drag queens. From camp crazies to glorious glamazons, we might just have exactly what HBO’s new series needs right under our noses.

We can’t think of a better place to look for “an attractive drag queen, mid 20s to 30s with a Southern feel.” That’s who the network says it wants to play the lead in a pilot series by Mike White, the son of gay Soulforce pastor Mel White and the director of such films as “School of Rock” and “Enlightened.”


Male, 30s, open ethnicity. Liberty appears to be an attractive, sexy woman with a flirty side – but she's not, really.  Born Albert DeLorio, Liberty is a drag queen with an ebullient, chatty, upbeat personality, but she leads an unpleasantly seedy life... a life that she plans to turn around with a little re-invention and identity theft.

If cast, compensation will be on the scale of professional actors.

If you fit the above description and are interested in auditioning for the role, we encourage you to email pictures with the subject title “Mamma Dallas”. Please include name, drag experience, best contact info, and city of current residence.

In addition to one Atlanta queen who is about to get all the national exposure she can handle after filming the next “RuPaul’s Drag Race” going on a “trip to Ecuador,” we can think of more than one hot local number who qualifies.

The show’s working title is “Mamma Dallas,” and from bearded ladies to artful gender benders, from fish-faced beauties to trans performers who could sway the casting in their direction, we have some lovely suggestions for HBO. Below are our contenders. Who would you put on the list?

Angelica D’Paige


The self-annointed Tranny Supermodel is easily one of the most beautiful queens on the circuit. The gorgeous Burkhart’s hostess, Jungle Fantasy Girl and Heretic Memorial Day swimwear diva might be just the coffee for HBO’s cream.


Brigitte Bidet


She had us at “That’s Not My Name.” While her Facebook takedown was epic, and her Miss Edgewood Avenue was badass, we can see this fishy queen in the role.


Evah Destruction/Alexander Surian


One of Atlanta’s new-guard Royals, this bitch can not only serve the Maneater Realness that HBO requires, the perennial all-star can sing in her own voice and Bang Bang her way right into your heart.


Ellasaurus Rex


She of the Glitz parties and Gurlfrandz shows at Mary’s also draws attention out of drag and out of his clothes, too.


Edie Cheezburger


A sharp wit and mad makeup skills go a long way for this Other Show founder and Friday night conquerer at Jungle. We say this standard-setting Dragnique champion could be a cable goddess contender.


Kryean Kally


When she’s not topping the list of Atlanta gays to watch in 2014 or working a gay Atlanta party, gay mag covers and other hot buzz are her specialty.


Destiny Brooks


Show Director at LeBuzz, Honey Boo Boo gal pal, one of the Fantasy Girls at Jungle, and a cast regular at Blake’s and Burkhart’s, could this beauty who goes by Black Barbie and loves to bare everything but the tuck also be the face of HBO’s future?


Mo’Dest Volgare


This is not just another fierce face. And ass. And attitude. When she’s not working a “Public Space,” look for this bad ass in other concept shoots for the Legendary Children troupe and in some of the most creative costumes at some of gay Atlanta’s best events. And maybe on HBO? (Photo by Blane Bussey)


Atlanta’s “Ru” Girls


Well, scratch that last one – until January. Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Nicole Paige Brooks, Trinity K. Bonet and Phoenix (from top) each sharpened their TV chops on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Violet Chachki will may or may not get her Ru-wards when the show's new season begins early next year. You "knew her when." Update: Told ya.