Heretic celebrates 27 years of wild abandon

There are few things more reliable in queer Atlanta than the Heretic. On Saturday, they packed the house to celebrate nearly three decades of giving queer Atlanta a place to party.

Circuit legend DJ Joe Gauthreaux manned the turntables, and a signature welcoming vibe filled the air for the man-on-man dance party, which also featured holiday-themed costumes for the adventurous. In fact, those are just some of the things that make Heretic so successful on an ever-changing gay nightlife landscape, according to General Manager Alan Collins.

“I’m always looking for that ‘next’ idea that’s gonna pack the place out,” Collins told Q magazine before the big night. “Trying different events, inviting promoters from different subcultures within our community to host events here, has brought thousands of gay people through our doors who had never stepped foot in Heretic.”

As our photo gallery below attests, it’s a winning formula for a good time to be had by all.

Photos by Russ Youngblood