Here’s how we do Cinco de Mayo in LGBTQ Atlanta

¿Cómo se Cinco? When Q's 10 Queer Things jumps the party bus in this week's issue, it does into 10 years of photo archives from Cincos past to offer clues on ways to do this year's parties.

Enjoy the throwbacks, and check out our full LGBTQ Cinco Celebrations Calendar in this issue of Q.










Claim Your Spot

Tons of options this year for where to do up Cinco de Mayo. Check out the Q Cinco Calendar in this issue of Q magazine to find your ideal location.


Guard Your Nipples

No clue why, but this did happen.


Go Big

Bigger. Bigger! There you go.


Cheers to That

Whatever your poison, don’t go empty handed. Ever. All day.


Bring Your Mom

Oscar and Martha reign over the annual standard-setting blowout at Las Margaritas.


Get Into It

Stereotypes are gauche, but also de rigueur this one time. 


Anything Goes

Better to paint yourself green than to turn that way from tequila.


Gun Show

Baring arms is a little known Mexican tradition… or maybe that’s just an Atlanta thing.


Friends & Family

Bring someone or several someones. Everyone is welcome.


Queens on Parade

Ready those singles. Popular performers are in the mix.

This article originally appeared in Q magazine. Pick it up around town, and read the full issue below, including the LGBTQ Cinco Celebrations Calendar: