Just when you thought everything was chill in Atlanta’s gay turf war for the corner of 10th Street and Piedmont Avenue, gay men, lesbians and a few stray straight people wandered further down the street on Saturday to the opening of Henry’s Midtown Tavern.

The indoor-outdoor to-do celebrated the latest restaurant effort from swanky Campagnolo’s equally swanky owner Maureen Kalmanson. That's right, fickle gays. There's a new place in town, and Kalmanson's bringing big guns to get a piece of the 10th Street action. The space is designed by Jeffrey Bruce Baker and the menu is by chef Daniel Chance.

The opening bash served as a fundraiser for the AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta and the AV200 vaccine ride. In other words, schedule the opening for a sunny weekend, have it benefit gay-favorite causes, then just sit back and make room for a big gay influx of noshing and sipping. Stumble down soon between Juniper and Peachtree during your usual fruit loop between Blake’s, Ten and 10th & Piedmont.

Photos by Sher Pruitt