When part of your life story is that surgeons regularly leave their marks on you since childhood, your perspective is special. A mission to capture that singular experience and its lasting impression on film is personal for gay Atlanta photographer Barry Brandon.

Perhaps better known as one of the organizers of LGBT-inclusive Atlanta events like the Bedlam paty series and Jungle's Sing For Your Life competitions, Brandon has taken on a new, much different task with “Stitched Up: The Collection.” After a friend took pictures of Brandon’s own heart surgery scars, his life changed, Brandon says. He wants to pass the feeling on to others.

About 5 years ago I allowed a friend to photograph my scars. That experience was extremely powerful and liberating and still resonates with me. It was in fact life changing and promoted me to create something that would allow others, like myself, to heal.

Brandon’s photography series that turns battle scars into victory medals is already underway. The sessions he’s shot so far (video above, photos below) are inspiring, and subjects from around the world have expressed interest in participating. Brandon is ready to help liberate their internal scars by photographing their external ones, but he needs help to reach them.

The Stitched Up Kickstarter campaign (video above) is designed to do just that.

Stitched Up's goal is to travel around the world to photograph individuals who have physical scars in hopes of establishing a new stigma that scars in fact beautiful, to give people power back over their physical bodies and to share their inspiring stories with the world through our blog, interviews and photographs.

Brandon knows the power of networking, and he says that a full-scale, multi-media Stitched Up Movement is a wish away.

We believe that through our photos, blog and interviews, we will in fact be able to connect with more people that we could have dreamed of.

Visit the Stitched Up website and on the project on Facebook.