Some say the best dating advice comes from experience. If that’s true, you’ll want to get into “The Underwear Drawer” of gay Atlanta’s own Langston John Blaze. But before you can get, he needs you to give.

When last we caught up with Blaze, the young upstart was even younger but no less committed to his craft. That was 2011, when his short story collection “The B.E.D” – for “Bold. Erotic. Dangerous.” – met with some positive notice. Now the 26-year-old writer and model (photo) returns with sex and dating advice from the annals of his own experience and a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds that can make it happen. Blaze sees “The Underwear Drawer” as a teaching tool for gay men.

There are so many self-help guides that are geared to heterosexual people. You rarely find great guides for gay people who sometimes have a harder time with self-esteem issues, being vulnerable, and being rejected. My book is a testimonial on gay dating through my revealing experiences. 

Blaze seeks $1,500 to bring his self-help fantasies to fruition. Hopefully, you can learn from his fortunes and misfortunes.

This book gives you insight on my dating experiences as an out gay man and what I've learned. I also talk about my coming out story, being bullied, and how being in a relationship with yourself is so important. …

Your generous donation can help me build the confidence of men who don't know themselves enough to be apart of the dating scene, outside of a persona some create online. Be a part of the experience!

To bring Blaze’s advice to your own fingertips, donate here. You can also follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or hear thoughts from "Underwear Drawer" from his own lips.