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Fitness: Stretching your way to better health

Before we became such a highly industrialized, automated and sedentary society, most Americans spent most of their day doing some form of physical activity. Today, we must use it or lose it.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: training tips for spring athletics

If your workout routine suffered over the weekend—or even all winter long—you can get back in the swing of things for spring, just like the gay sports leagues that are ramping up their spring schedules.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Seven tips to gain mass and power

If you’re already working like a horse but still can’t seem to build the bulk you’re looking for, look at what you’re eating, how you’re resting and exactly how you work out, from variety to consistency.    READ MORE »

Positive Impact now offers free STD screenings

A grant from the Elton John AIDS Foundation now allows Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS mental health agency to add free tests for syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia to its existing HIV screenings.    READ MORE »

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HIV ‘epidemic’ clustered in downtown Atlanta

Want to find Ground Zero in Georgia's battle against HIV? Look no further than downtown Atlanta–the location of 60 percent of HIV cases in the city, which has a majority of HIV cases in the state.    READ MORE »

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Hope Clinic seeks gay men for HIV vaccine trial

If you’re an HIV-negative gay man under the age of 46, AIDS researchers in Atlanta want your help with a vaccine study in 12 cities that will involve 1,350 men.    READ MORE »

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Fake baking gays to face 10 percent tax

Gay boys beware: Get your tanning bed fix for the winter soon, as the health care legislation moving through Congress will leave you feeling a bit burned.    READ MORE »

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Rise up for free Atlanta-branded condoms

With Mayor-elect Kasim Reed busily preparing his takeover of City Hall, we've got a suggestion for him to get people excited again about Atlanta: Official (and free) condoms branded with the city's name.    READ MORE »

Why you’re a fat ass and you car is in jeopardy

Consider this as you plan your nightlife for the long holiday weekend: You might be a fat ass who smokes too much and parking in Midtown may be hazardous to the health of your car.    READ MORE »

Ga. cheap when it comes to public health

imageIn the wake of the reports last month that showed Georgia is a leader in HIV infections, this piece of news is a little less surprising: The state ranks 39th in spending per resident on public health.

Federal agencies, nonprofit groups and the state’s own documents depict a public health system that lacks sufficient money and, at times, basic competencies, an examination by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found.

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AID Atlanta says it’s time to get tested

The launch this week of an interactive map that shows HIV rates by county came in advance of National HIV Testing Day on Saturday. And with portions of metro Atlanta a leader in HIV infections, AID Atlanta is offering a way to combat the disease: free testing in a handful of locations.

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Ga. has half of U.S. counties with high HIV

imageOn Monday, we reported about the launch of a new interactive data map that breaks down HIV cases by county, a first-ever look at infection rates at a county level.

The results showed that Fulton County leads metro Atlanta -- and much of the South -- in the rate of HIV cases. But the Los Angeles Times points out that the numbers paint an even more bleak picture for Georgia.

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New map shows Fulton leads in HIV cases

imageFulton County has the highest prevalence of HIV among metro Atlanta counties, part of a trend that shows infection rates to be highest in the South, according to an interactive data map that launched on Monday.

Fulton's rate of .380 to .703 percent, or 380 to 703 cases per 100,000 people, is the highest in the region, outpacing DeKalb and Cobb counties, as well as the South. Cobb and DeKalb counties show rates of .195 to .379 percent, or 195 to 379 cases per 100,000 people, according to the National Minority Quality Forum, the nonprofit research organization that put the map together.

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New CDC chief: Condoms for everyone

imageThe Atlanta-based U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention takes a large step away from its Bush-mandated doctrine of conservative politics as health policy when Thomas Frieden takes the helm on Monday.

Trouble is, the former New York City health chief -- well-known for getting into the trenches of tough and controversial health issues with reality-based solutions -- is already making conservatives uneasy. Apparently, they don't care for his approach to HIV prevention.

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Study: Marriage bans tied to higher HIV rates

imageWhen lawmakers in Georgia banned gay marriage in 2004, they had little idea they might be contributing to a rise in HIV infections.

But that's the premise of a study released Thursday from Emory University, which shows that bans on same-sex marriage can be tied to a rise in the rate of HIV infection.

"Intolerance is deadly," Hugo Mialon, an assistant professor of economics, says in a press release from the school.

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Atlanta event focuses on blacks with HIV

Blacks continue to bear the brunt of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, a fact made clear by looking at the numbers in Georgia.

Among the state's 28,599 residents living with HIV, some 20,759 (73 percent) are black. Among the 18,762 people living with AIDS in the state, 13,296 (71 percent) are black.

Those numbers will certainly spark discussion during the 10th annual conference on HIV/AIDS from the African-American Outreach Initiative next weekend in Atlanta.

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ATL’s hospitals offer few written protections

It's disturbing to discover that the metro Atlanta hospitals you might expect to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their Patients' Bill of Rights actually don't.

That's according to a survey by Southern Voice of Grady Health System, Northside Hospital, DeKalb Medical Center and Emory Healthcare.

Quick translation: Their written visitation policies don't allow LGBT domestic partners the same access as spouses and next of kin, they don't allow same-sex parents the same access as opposite-sex parents for visitation of their minor children and their staff doesn't receive diversity training addressing gay issues.

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Critics urge caution over new HIV pill

An antiretroviral treatment undergoing trials could reduce the risk of HIV infection, but reports of a new wonder drug are far off the mark, according to leading sexual health charities.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, significantly reduces the chance of infection, but there is already concern that it could be viewed as an end to the need to use condoms.

The drugs are already used to treat HIV+ people in the form of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) where they inhibit the virus and prevent the onset of AIDS.    READ MORE »

More counties make spreading HIV a crime

An increasing number of countries worldwide are making spreading HIV a crime, according to a new report from the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Health officials fear the trend could undermine gains made in fighting the AIDS pandemic and provoke a surge in cases. Globally, about 33 million people are thought to have HIV and nearly 3 million people are newly infected every year.

“If the law is applied badly, this could set us back and do incredible damage,” said Paul de Lay, an AIDS expert at UNAIDS, who was not involved in the report.    READ MORE »