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Black studs needed for lesbian health project

The Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative and other groups that work with black lesbians need some studs–even some bois–to help craft healthcare programs that reach masculine-identified woman.    READ MORE »

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Gay couples in Atlanta back HIV tests together

Some gay male couples, including ones in Atlanta, support HIV tests with their partner as a way to boost the relationship, but current testing protocols may not support it, according to an Emory study.    READ MORE »

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HIV activists: $5 million needed for ADAP drugs

HIV activists in Atlanta on Tuesday decried a growing waiting list for a program that supplies AIDS meds to low-income people and asked a cash-strapped state legislature for an additional $5 million.    READ MORE »

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CDC: Blacks face higher HIV infection rates

Ahead of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, federal health officials offered sobering statistics about the disparities in HIV infections among racial groups and black men who have gay sex.    READ MORE »

CDC: Gay men vast majority of syphilis cases

Atlanta-based Center for Disease Control & Prevention released its 2009 findings on infection trends for gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis. For gay men, the news is particularly alarming.    READ MORE »

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Early leaders in Ga.‘s HIV fight to share insights

Four early leaders in Georgia’s fight against HIV/AIDS gather on Thursday to trace the impact of the virus in the state and share their stories from their days on the frontlines of the epidemic.    READ MORE »

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Too busy for STD tests? There’s an app for that

If UK medical researchers have their way, you won’t have to leave the stall at the club to pee on a USB-sized chip and let your phone diagnose you. Some $6.5 million is being sunk into the project.    READ MORE »

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CDC: Gay sex feeds HIV rise in Hispanic men

Hispanic men who have sex with men are feeding a rise in HIV infections among Latinos, accounting for nearly three-quarters of new HIV cases among Hispanic men.    READ MORE »

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Half of Atlanta poz men don’t know HIV status

Fewer men who have sex with men in Atlanta are HIV-positive than seen in other metro areas, though more than half of the HIV-infected men here don’t know they have the disease, the CDC says.    READ MORE »

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Gay Styx founder rocks Atlanta HIV research

It’s been more than 30 years since Styx invited us to “Come Sail Away,” but gay rocker Chuck Panozzo keeps a high-profile, not just in retro concert tours but in an Atlanta-based HIV/AIDS vaccine search.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta HIV groups get share of $42M in grants

Four metro Atlanta HIV agencies are among the 133 community-based organizations awarded $42 million to help boost their HIV prevention efforts among gay men and other at-risk populations.    READ MORE »

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Reed to host HIV tests at City Hall Wednesday

Hizz Honor apparently isn't a soccer fan. Mayor Kasim Reed hosts HIV tests at City Hall on Wednesday and holds a presser smack in the middle of the most important U.S. soccer match ever.    READ MORE »

Annual AV200 ride rolls toward AIDS vaccine

How do two days, more than a hundred cyclists trekking 200 miles and more than a half-million dollars of philanthropic history add up to an HIV battle? The 2010 AIDS Vaccine 200 has a simple answer.    READ MORE »

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ALHI gets boost from $115,000 in grants

When it rains it pours. At least that's what it seems like lately at the Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative thanks to two new grants and a third pledge to support their DeKalb Avenue home.    READ MORE »

ALHI receives grant to broaden services

The Atlanta Lesbian Health Initiative is among four community-based organizations sharing $60,000 to link non-profits with researchers from Emory, Morehouse and Georgia Tech.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Make manscaping scream-free

So many gay men groom their body hair that it’s best to know what you’re doing. Stubble is bad enough, but here are some no-shave options with varying degrees of burn, baby, burn!    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Eight weeks to the ultimate beach body

If you like a challenge, want to lose fat and gain strength to give you your ultimate Beach Body, we offer this day-by-day, step-by-step workout that can help get you there quickly.    READ MORE »

Need Wood? Bottoming and booty bumps

Don’t laugh. Hemorrhoids are no joke, and they’re particularly annoying for gay men who have anal sex. Here’s a cautionary tail... er, tale, plus some myth busting and practical tips you can really use.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: How to increase your bench press

So you’ve maxed out your press? Or worse, you’re having trouble getting started and no luck increasing your poundage? Don’t sweat it. Other exercises can help you get it up. The weight, that is.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Eating your way to a hotter body

Most people, even fitness buffs, have no idea of how to eat correctly. Some think that drinking shakes or eating just protein is the way to go. Crazy diets deprive your body, so pay attention.    READ MORE »