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How to score free condoms in gay Atlanta

A reader asked us a pretty simple question: Where can I go to get free condoms in Atlanta? Turns out that’s not such an easy question to answer. So we dug in to unwrap this mystery.    READ MORE »

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Your gay penis size matters for condom usage

The bigger the gay penis, the more it may impact condom usage. So it’s a good thing that Atlanta gay men have shrinking members. Not so good at being slutty won’t hurt, either.    READ MORE »

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Gay sex fuels two-thirds of Atlanta HIV infections

Federal health officials keep rolling out the hits ahead of World AIDS Day. The latest: Nearly 65 percent of HIV infections in metro Atlanta come from gay sex, a rate slightly higher than the national norm.    READ MORE »

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Young gay men, risky sex feed HIV infections

Young gay men who booze it up, enjoy multiple sex partners and bareback continue to fuel HIV infections in the U.S., federal health officials warned on the eve of World AIDS Day commemorations.    READ MORE »

CDC leader: End ‘devastation’ of HIV, get tested

Atlanta resident and guy who knows a thing or two about HIV Kevin Fenton offers a simple message for National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Stop the devastation by getting tested.    READ MORE »

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Georgia’s waiting list for HIV meds may be over

HIV-positive people in Georgia too poor to afford life-saving medications are about to get an $8.43 million boost, which may be enough to eliminate the state’s already plummeting waiting list for help.    READ MORE »

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CDC targets Atlanta’s HIV stigma, apathy

Coming soon to billboards and MARTA buses in Atlanta: A campaign to fight the stigma that fuels HIV. And this campaign features at least one familiar face: "Housewives" gay bestie Dwight Eubanks.    READ MORE »

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CDC’s HIV chief on awareness: Don’t be a whore

It’s National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and the federal HIV chief, himself a gay Atlantan, boils his advice down to this: Limit your partners, don't bareback and use clean needles.    READ MORE »

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Komen switch won’t stop lesbian health effort

A fundraising effort for uninsured lesbians in Atlanta to get breast exams from Planned Parenthood won’t stop, despite Susan G. Komen for the Cure reversing the change that prompted it.    READ MORE »

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Georgia still tops U.S. in wait list for HIV meds

Georgia again leads the nation with its 1,320-person waiting list for low-income people who need HIV medication, a vexing problem that would take nearly $15 million to address.    READ MORE »

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How to make Karen Handel hate help gay health

You remember Karen Handel, right? She’s the former Georgia politico who hates gay kids. Yet her latest salvo inspired the Atlanta-based Health Initiative to turn lemons into lemonade.    READ MORE »

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Georgia’s wait list for HIV meds biggest in U.S.

The waiting list for Georgia’s program providing HIV medication to low-income people now has the longest waiting list in the U.S., despite recent efforts to address it.    READ MORE »

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World AIDS Day means bad news for gays & HIV

World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 always brings a round of bad news about HIV and gay men. There’s some hope, too, thanks to optimistic heath officials in Atlanta, but let’s just get the bad stuff out of the way.    READ MORE »

Squeeze, cough, get pricked at LGBT health fair

With its Garden Party over and its honors collected, the Health Initiative is getting back to basics. And it’s not all about the boobs, either. It’s a health fair for all on Saturday and the best part? It’s free.    READ MORE »

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Georgia’s HIV poor get 1 in 6 shot at meds help

If you’re a poor Georgian with HIV waiting for help with the high costs of AIDS drugs, your odds of getting assistance are getting better. But just a little.    READ MORE »

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HIV fight in Georgia gets $75 million boost

Georgia’s beleaguered–and not too successful–fight against HIV got a triple dose of cash: Nearly $70 million from the feds, another $1.33 million to help planning, and $3.16 million to two local groups.    READ MORE »

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5 actions you should take on HIV Awareness Day

Despite a “banner year” for HIV prevention research, men who have sex with men still face this reality: They continue to fuel HIV infections. Nice to know for National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.    READ MORE »

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HIV infections hold steady–unless you’re gay

Put a rainbow colored asterisk next to this news: The number of HIV infections in the U.S. stabilized at about 50,000 new ones per year during a four-year period ending in 2009.    READ MORE »

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Gay teens more likely to take risky actions

A first-of-its kind study shows that gay, lesbian and bisexual students are more likely than straight classmates to engage in risky behaviors, prompting federal health officials to issue a wake-up call.    READ MORE »

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Atlanta’s gays smoke too much and here’s why

It takes just a few minutes in one of Atlanta’s LGBT bars to realize this: Smoking is an issue for the gays. A new study puts an exclamation point on the observation and provides some insights into why.    READ MORE »