imageLet the jokes begin.

The Gwinnett Braves, preparing to open the 2009 season in a new $45-million stadium, now has a mascot. It’s a whistlepig, otherwise known as a woodchuck, looking quite goofy with this glove, hat and jersey. Like Daffy and other Disney characters, the whistlepig isn’t wearing anything below the belt. Yup, just furry nakedness.

The rodent mascot is inspired by Gen. Beauregard Lee, that weather rodent who pops out every spring from his confinement in Lilburn. But from the looks of the whistlepig, he appears more of an inspiration from the—well, how do we say this delicately?—the redneck suburban fans that will flock to see the G-Braves in action. Let’s hope they wear pants while swilling beer in the stands.

Oh, yeah. The G-Braves want you to name the whistlepig.