A gay Athens couple thirsty for a three way found their 20-year-old trick on Grindr – and a rash of problems that included the police, a jockstrap, a pool of blood and a late-night trip to the hospital.

The post booty call drama on Oct. 15 was probably more than the couple hoped for in their West Side apartment.

The couple went cruising on – where else? – Grindr and set up a house call from a 20-year-old student at the University of Georgia, according to the Red & Black. But it wasn't too long after they got their gratification that this three-way crashed and burned. The trick wanted more but the couple didn't appreciate his handsy approach.

He told police he connected with the victim on Grindr, a mobile application used by gay men to meet other men, and they arranged for him to come to their apartment. He said he and his boyfriend had a consensual sexual encounter with the victim, but then they started to find him odd when he started grabbing at them after being asked not to, according to the report.

So one-half of the couple asked the young man to leave. Nicely at first. But the booty call refused and things got real. Fast.

The resident told police he asked the victim to leave but the victim was staggering so the resident gave the victim his clothes in a bag, told him to go sleep in his car and then shut the apartment door, according to the report.

That left the allegedly odd-acting student out on the street in just his jockstrap. Later as the amorous couple got the munchies, they say that they left their apartment about 4 a.m. for a quick spin through a nearby fast food drive-through. It wasn't.

The residents found the victim outside in a pool of blood at 4 a.m. when they went out to get McDonald’s.

So the couple, maybe feeling a bit of remorse over throwing their trick out in just his jockstrap, says that they took him to St. Mary's Hospital. 

The injured person, who was reported to be under the influence, could only tell police his name and birthday. His first comment to the officer was, “I’m horny,” according to the police report.

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