If you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’ or just want to wear Atlanta-fueled controversy on your face this Halloween, plop down $75 for a lifelike vinyl mask of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” champ Sharon Needles.

While Halloween may be months away, it’s never too early for a gay to secure one of “these one-of-a-kind conversation terminators sure to provoke the worst stares and hate-filled gossip at every party,” according to Needles’ Tacky Overpriced Crap online store.

Whatever could that mean? Oh right. That big gay racism showdown that came to a head in Atlanta this summer. So if you were among the crowd in the sold-out show that followed, get a mask. Just don’t be surprised if a beat down or at least a hard side-eye comes your way from Needles’ opposing and offended queer “haters.”

Sharon masks start shipping Aug. 20, but you can pre-order yours now. Choose from the Spooky or Beauty versions (photos). Sorry, wigs not included. But remember, you can tempt fate on Halloween and get another night for your money when Needles returns to Atlanta.