What do the alternaqueer glitterati have in common with Heretic’s man-on-man dance parties? When the first Glitter Ball staged a takeover on Saturday, Gay Atlanta was destined to find out.

Turns out that the convergence had all the makings of a messy night of mayhem. The artfags and drag queens of Legendary Children were in the house, DJ Neon the Glowgobear was in the booth, and glittered up go-go boys were on the speakers. The only thing left was to welcome a crowd of guests in their shiniest attire. They did, and it was.

Party promoter Just Toby told us it would be fun for his worlds to collide, and he was so right. Toby served social media minimalism except for a selfie during the event, but the DJ was effusive in his praise and gratitude.

"What an amazing event #Glitterball was!" Glowgobear told his Facebook followers. "Good times, great performances by The Legendary Children and great job pulling it all together Toby! I turned it OUT and served the beats up sparkling hot! Thank you Heretic for all you and your staff's efforts bringing this project to fruition! "

Photos by Laura Baccus Studio