Georgia residents and businesses sent $71,579 to California during the Proposition 8 ballot measure fight — with those opposing the measure to ban gay marriage sending $60,329 and those supporting the measure sending $11,250.

These amounts are taken from the California Secretary of State’s campaign finance information and include donations of $35 or more. Southern Voice utilized the Los Angeles Times’ donor tracker to determine totals for Georgia. The data available listed 308 donors.

The largest single donation to oppose Prop. 8 came from the law firm of Kitchens New, which made a donation of $4,000 to fight the measure. In August, Kitchens New hosted a fundraiser for Equality For All, the California group leading the fight against Prop. 8.

The largest single donation to support Prop. 8 came from Randall Hatcher, president of MAU Workforce Solutions Inc. located in Augusta, Ga. MAU, which provides temporary staffing and contract workers to employers, made in excess of $100 million in 2007, according to an Oct. 27 article in the Augusta Chronicle. Most donations listed from Georgia on the LA Times website included mostly $100 and $200 and several $500 amounts.

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