imageNathan Deal’s brand of anti-gay campaigning during his GOP gubernatorial campaign continues to generate blowback, this time from Georgia Equality who is urging people to pledge their vote against the former Congresman.

The statewide gay rights groups launched the social media effort this week with an invitation on Facebook called, “Pledge to vote AGAINST Nathan Deal in the Georgia Governor’s Race.” By Friday morning, 325 people signed up to attend on two invitations. Voters go the polls Nov. 2 to pick from among Deal, Democrat Roy Barnes and Libertarian John Monds.

If elected Governor, Nathan Deal would be a danger to the well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and trangender Georgians. He has already run the most anti-LGBT campaign in Georgia history and hopes our community and our allies will be so discouraged we will not vote in November.

Don’t let his brand of politics keep you from voting on election day, too much is at stake.

Take the pledge today to vote AGAINST Nathan Deal

During a bitter primary campaign, Deal attacked opponent Karen Handel for her past support of LGBT issues, including domestic partner benefits. He also singled out YouthPride in a campaign commercial, an effort that earned him rebukes though GOP voters didn’t seem to mind.

Deal also joined Handel in lashing out at a federal judge’s ruling against California’s Proposition 8 gay marriage ban. Barnes took the occasion to reiterate his support for Georgia’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

Georgia Equality isn’t alone in targeting Deal. Gay dad and attorney Seth Woodard Persily launched an online effort to sully Deal’s reputation by pointing out his anti-gay rhetoric and troubled ethics problems. His goal? Sabotage Deal’s reputation so that every time Google sees the words “Nathan Deal,” the search engine offers up “ethics.” (Read more and see how to join the effort.)

The social media campaign isn’t the first time Georgia Equality has taken to the internet to combat anti-gay views. Last month the organization launched a video campaign featuring Atlanta gay couples to educate the public about same-sex marriage.