Hang onto your giant hat that inexplicably covers your eyes, gay Lady Gaga fans. We're reveling in a full court media press that helps ensure 2014 shapes up to be another Year of the Gaga, including artRave: The ARTPOP Ball in Atlanta.

Pretty much no one does media super-saturation quite like the mother monster of all gay icons and LGBT youth advocates. Kid shows, morning shows, car ads, fashion runways, Andy Cohen and other stunt appearances are all in a day’s work.

For superfans, all this in-your-face begins to make up for a dearth of Gaga in Atlanta recently. She was forced by health issues to crush our gay Atlanta hearts in March and cancel her Born This Way Ball stop. So to say we are ready for the ARTPOP concert is an understatement. We’ve been waiting patiently since 2011 for a full concert here in town and only a few months less than that for even a local gay Gaga siting.

The wait is almost over. Gaga brings it to the A on May 6 at Philips Arena. Pre-sale tickets while they last for artRave: The ARTPOP Ball (capitalization per Gaga herself) can be had now, and regular-sales tickets to the general public from $35 to $200 go on sale Monday.

Until then, here are a few of our favorite things that the Lady’s been pulling lately. No, not just the 10 most ridiculous things she’s said about “ARTPOP” or the heaping helping of boobs and bush on the cover of Candy, though those are good choices. Like we haven’t seen it all before anyway.

In on the joke and killing it on 'SNL.'



Abysmal 'Muppet Thanksgiving' ratings. It’s not easy being seen.



And Gaga don’t give a shit no how. Take this ABC!



And have some RuPaul with that!



Should have seen it coming. 2009 called. Kermit is her spirit animal.



Can't unsee full chipmunk in Candy mag. Appreciate this more.



Gaga action figures? Pfft. Only life size makes you big in Japan.



Japanese promotion, or clone army? Yes.