Combining a popular gay bar with some sexy swimsuits and a handful of toned jocks makes for a sizzling cocktail hour. Welcome to Sunset Garden.

The summer-long series at Burkhart’s offered all three on Friday. Snug swimsuits from Boy Next Door wrapped around the toned torsos of Atlanta Rainbow Trout parading around the bar while playfully squirting one another with oversized water guns. Softcore porn but better – specialty cocktails were offered, too.

But unlike the last fashion show at Burkhart’s, the crowd couldn’t bid for the suits and strip them from the models this time around. The jocks didn’t dance in briefs, either. This wasn’t a rowdy registration party; it was a fashion show. Let’s not be greedy.

Sunset Garden continues Fridays and Saturdays at 7 p.m. DJ Christopher Kind provides the music on Fridays and DJ Bryan Craft on Saturdays at the weekly patio parties that benefit LGBT non-profits. Both nights last week benefitted Lost N Found Youth, which provide shelter for homeless LGBT youth.