Gay citizen provocateur Grant Henry was, ironically, having no talk of rioting over the George Zimmerman verdict late Saturday. So the gay bar owner spray painted over some graffiti calling for just that in the Old Fourth Ward.

And he took to Facebook on Sunday to explain.


Last night around 10:00pm
I drove up Randolph
and at the corner of Irwin
saw the graffiti
that brought fear
to the core of my being,
fear that riots
could change the face
of our neighborhood
in the shadow of
The Martin Luther King Center.

Many thoughts went through my head:
1: Who owns the building?
2. Could I be arrested for covering it up?
3. Is covering evil graffiti justified?
4. Should I call the city?
5. Should I get permission from someone?

Out of fear
that this evil message
would spread like wildfire,
I got home and grabbed
a can of black spray paint,
went to CHURCH
and grabbed a witness,
then went back to the scene
and painted over the graffiti.

I was running to my car
after blacking out the hate...
then bolted back
to add the ♥
to justify that my graffiti
was not compounding
the message of evil.

When the adrenaline ceased
from the fear that I felt,
I found out that at the exact moment
of adding the ♥,
the Zimmerman
was announced.

Whoever owns the building,
i am willing to pay
to have the wall painted
over the graffiti.

I apologize to whomever,
but I would probably do it again
to try to nip danger in the bud
and to ensure
that the positive
we are trying to build
In our City
is not lost
to the ignorance
of a few.

Henry knows of vandalism. His popular pop star and porn star haven Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium suffered smashed windows and a broken door last year. And thieves swiped his iPhone right from under his nose.

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