MORE | Gay Atlanta porn star says arrest a bunch of ‘lies’

A popular gay Atlanta porn star and former high school jock was arrested for domestic violence after a drunken trip to the bowling alley and a three way tryst with an underage teen went bust. 

Hylan Anthony Taylor, 22, – who performs in gay sex films as Johnny Rapid – was arrested on Dec. 15, more than two months after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend and mother of his child after an argument outside a bowling alley near Flat Shoals Road in Rockdale County.

Taylor was charged with misdemeanor battery. He was released a day later from the Rockdale County Jail on $2,500 bond, according to the News, which reported the incident on Sunday. A court date has not been set.  

During an Oct. 9 trip to a bowling alley, Taylor asked his girlfriend, Angie Lynn Blankenship, to pursue a young woman he spotted for a threeway, according to an incident report from the Rockdale County Sheriff's Department. But Blankenship protested when the girl said she was just 14-years-old.

Ms. Blankenship then informed me that her boyfriend and she were swingers and that they were talking to an Asian female that they had met at the bowling alley. She stated that her boyfriend (Mr. Taylor) wanted to have sex with the Asian female. Ms. Blankenship stated that she began to talk with the female and when she asked the girl her age, the Asian female advised that she was 18 years old. She stated that asked her to continue to talk, she believed that the female (the Asian female) was 18 years old. Ms. Blankenship then stated that she had found out different, when she offered to buy the Asian female something to drink (liquor), when the female advised that she was only 14 years old. 

But Taylor insisted on setting up the tryst with the underage minor, according to the report. 

Ms. Blankenship then stated that she informed her boyfriend (Mr. Taylor) that the Asian female was only 14 years old that she was too young to have sex with. She stated that she had gotten upset about it and didn't care that she was only 14, that he still wanted to have sex with her and that he wanted her to finish hooking things up. She stated that she wasn't going to do it because the group was too young, but that he kept insisting and wanting to have sex with her (the Asian female). 

Blankenship walked out of the bowling alley and Taylor followed. He became enraged when she wouldn't have sex with him and the minor and allegedly grabbed Blankenship and started to choke her and then knocked her to the ground.

Then they both got into a vehicle together and left, though they continued to argue as Taylor drove, according to the incident report. They stopped at what appears to be the home of Taylor's mother on Irwin Bridge Road and continued to argue.

She stated that while at that location they continued to have a verbal argument to the point where she stated that he was asking his mother for a gun. 

Taylor then left to possibly return to the couple's home on Dover Road in Oxford, which is in neighboring Newton County.

I then asked Ms. Blankenship if they were married she said "No", that they have been boyfriend and girlfriend off and on and that they were currently living together at the residence in Oxford, with their child. I then asked Ms. Blankenship if she had been drinking, she stated yes that they had each had several drinks at the bar inside the bowling alley. 

The physical confrontation left Blankenship with injuries on her lips, swollen eyes and a bloody right ear where her earring was ripped out, according to the incident report.

As a deputy waited for Taylor's possible return to his mother's residence, Blankenship asked the deputy to disregard the entire incident.

While sitting in the driveway with my lights off, Ms. Blankenship walked up to my vehicle and attempted to get me to forget the whole thing that she was lying, that she made the whole thing up. I then advised her that no matter what she said I was not going to change what was going to happen; that the report would be filed in charges in reference to Battery (FV) would be brought against her boyfriend. 

Rapid has been a prolific performer in gay sex films, shooting more than 100 scenes mostly for A NSFW rundown of his filmography tracks his four-year career. Last week, Rapid and offered $2 million to entertainer Justin Bieber to film a sex scene with him. Taylor, a high school wrestler, graduated from Rockdale County High School in 2010, according to the News.

In an October interview (NSFW), Rapid admitted that he likes to dominate women during sex, choke his female partners and "have sex with her until she bleeds." In his gay sex films, Rapid is a power bottom.

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