From barely surviving to now thriving, gay Atlanta's Emmanuel Zidor worked some Mary J. Blige to win a spot Wednesday as one of 31 semifinalists on "American Idol." And a possible walk-off with judge Jennifer Lopez.

M.K. Nobilette stole some of Zidor's gay thunder with her pronouncement that "I'm very obviously gay" as she snatched another of the top 31 spots. But we've known Zidor's been on Team Gay since the Delta Air Lines ramp worker walked into the room singing during auditions that aired Jan. 16.

Since, it's been an eye-rolling roller coaster ride as Zidor narrowly survived Group Day to then treat the judges to "I'm Goin' Down" and Harry Connick Jr., wishing Zidor and J-Lo would hit the stage together for a walk-off. Then, tears.

"I'm here. I'm on 'American Idol' and if I go home I'll be devastated," Zidor tells the judges in a tearful moment on Wednesday's episode (watch above). "But at least I made it this far and I met you guys and I made you laugh and you are going to buy me shoes."

Then, a jubilant Zidor bear hugs host Ryan Seacrest and they collapse onto the floor with Zidor landing on top. The roller coaster ride continues.