At least once a year, somebody challenges the notion that gay Atlanta is a bunch of vers-bottoms with shrinking penises and vanilla tastes. Enter the sex survey that lists turn-ons including public sex and tattoo sleeves.

Two weeks and hundreds of responses after asking about your three-ways and orgies, David Atlanta’s 2015 sex survey results are in, and they hold a few surprises.

Keep in mind that the findings are self-reported. Read: “lying or lying to yourself.” Topping the survey (so to speak), some 63% of respondents say they’re versatile. Must be the same 63% who say their penis is six-to-eight inches long.

Oral or anal? Anal (60 percent). Does size matter? Yes (52%). Do you do 3-ways and group sex? Yes (90 percent and 80 percent), but nearly three-quarters prefer monogamy. Uh-huh.

Among the turn-ons that the magazine lists as stand-outs are “eager bottoms,” “flat belly, big cock” (duh), and sex against a wall. Speaking of where you like it, some of the strangest places for sex include against a tank at Fort Benning, under the table at a restaurant and the fire escape across from Blake’s. View the full results.

Fun! Chalk up the results next to those others seeking your boozing and bottoming habits, your shrinking penises and the rest of gay Atlanta’s kink-porn watchingsluttybutchsize queens. 

[David Atlanta]