With a little disco and a lot of hip shaking and booty thrusting, gay Atlanta's Emmanuel Zidor delivered a powerful, if a little off kilter, vocal on "American Idol." Will it be enough to convince voters to keep him around?

Zidor's "infectious energy" durign Wednesday's episode left an imprint on Harry Connick Jr., but powering through "Best of My Love" from the Emotions also caused its share of problems.

"Stay in your lane," Connick warned after Zidor sang. "The performance started to go off kilter a little bit and get a little out of control."

And then Connick offered this: "You are a great singer, so don't forget to sing."

Zidor is one of two openly gay contestants on "Idol" and his eye-rolling antics and powerful voice have been fun to watch. But his rise to semi-finalist hasn't been without its scares. It's up to voters now, who will winnow the 20 contestants to 10 on Thursday as the judges add an additional three performers.

UPDATE | He didn't make the cut on Thursday. Voters didn't put him in the Top 10 and the judges didn't select him with their three additional picks. But there's this.

And this.