Brandon DeShazer is stepping up his gay game. The reality TV sidekick de-shirted a muscular felon last season. Now, he's providing sassy quips, twirls and tea – even an anthem – to let it be known he's the gayest of them all.

DeShazer is Kenya Moore's gay bestie on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Dressing in red satin pajamas and brawling shirtless with Apollo Nida created a gay flap last season. This time, DeShazer is looking to dethrone the popular show's reigning gay champs – the delightfully and humorously gay Miss Lawrence and Derek J. On Sunday's episode, he went all in.

Working a gay uniform – the tank top – he stopped by Moore's apartment to dish and tell. He quipped about drinking her "weed tea," he twirled his head and worked those hands in the air and he offered advice like any good gay bestie.

"I think you should gift wrap it, hand it to God and move on," he tells Moore.

As they recap last season's brawl, he also shows his sense of humor by playing down the incident as "beige on beige" crime.

"This light skinned on light skinned, it is getting dangerous," he says.

DeShazer also laid down some tracks, working a duet he created for Moore: "Really, bitch?" (Listen to it in the video above.) You just know some gay DJ is remixing it right now.