Lord knows a gay man loves a tribal beat, so how about a Tribal twist? That’s what one gay couple in Buckhead says makes their thoroughly Midcentury Modern highrise a home.

We’ve met entrepreneur and fitness hottie Jason Moattar (top photo, left) before, and he never ceases to impress. He’s batting a thousand when it comes to the Plaza Towers home he shares with partner Nate Lycan (right). And you may know them for making a splash at Halloween, including Moattar’s sexy Varsity server.

Moattar bought into the 1969 building, believed to be Atlanta’s first residential highrise, back in 2000. He tells the AJC that his attraction to Mid-Century design, art and rugs made it the perfect spot to plant his roots.

As gay Atlanta’s go-to guy for rugs, you can imagine that some special pieces dot the entire condo. Their eclectic graphics accent clean, streamlined features like floor-to-ceiling windows and some iconic Midcentury furniture and pops of color.

The dining room [second photo], decorated with terrariums from Lush Life and acrylic orb lighting, looks onto the balcony with furniture from Logan Gardens at Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC).

Contrasting the bright orange of the dining room, the living room’s saturated blue side chairs pop off the updated palette of gray walls and yellow accents. And speaking of updates, the kitchen and bathroom keep the streamlined charm and Midcentury accents but boast all the extras of your dreams. Oh! And speaking of dreams, the bedroom these two share is perfectly appointed as well (bottom photos).

Welcome the couple’s modern highrise to another edition of Gays That Make “Private Quarters” Fabulous. We like them when they’re dramatic, butchplushsimple, or just plain dirty.

Check out some choice shots below, and view the full album via AJC by Christopher Oquendo.