Twirling gay bestie Miss Lawrence delivered life lessons on loving men to the ladies of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" on Sunday, serving up this man-whore realness: All men cheat.

The cast, ensconced in a trip to Mexico, spent a late night of pillow talk chatting about love and life. Then, this question to Miss Lawrence: What would you define as cheating?

His answer – watch above – raised a few eyebrows. And offered some insight into how this celebrity stylist approaches his boyfriends. The ladies were incredulous.

"If you go out to a club one night and decide to have a little quick one night stand, I don't consider that cheating," he says. In fact, he admits that his last man did that and so did he.

Miss Lawrence needs emotions for that sexy sex to turn into real cheating.

"I think cheating is when someone develops emotions for someone outside of their relationship," he adds.

Beside, he's just being realistic if not a little pessimistic.

"Every man – gay, straight, white black, green – all have the tendencies of being a cheater," Miss Lawrence adds.