Slide aside, cast queens of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The show's newest queen is serving the tea on dating in gay Atlanta and its daddy girls, sissies and punks. 

Meet Miss Lasagna, honey, and he's not holding back. 

It's Gary With Da Tea, aka Gary Hayes, the gay sidekick on the popular "The Rickey Smiley Morning Show" and its TV spinoff, "Dish Nation." He's the newest addition to the ever-expanding roster of gays on RHOA. He debuted during the March 15 episode and made a splash as he chatted with Claudia Jordan about gay men in Atlanta, their shared radio gig, comedy and cocktails. 

"You've got the daddy girls, you got the sissies, you got the queens and then you got the punks," Hayes tells Jordan (watch above). 

A daddy girl? Yes, daddy girl.

"A daddy girl is a boy that looks like a boy but he's a big old queen, honey. His legs go up quicker," Hayes adds. 

Jordan, for her part, admits she'd be a power bottom if she were a gay man. In case you're wondering. Hayes doesn't say how he plays in bed.

Since RHOA can't quit gay Atlanta, even though it sometimes enjoys trashing it, the show added Hayes to its cast of gay besties, personal assistants and aspiring fashion queens. NeNe Leakes offered up fashion designer Aaron Gray earlier this season, Kenya Moore has Brandon DeShazer and the show's gay elders – Miss Lawrence and alleged hair burglar Derek J – even got their own spinoff to start the season.