Game on in Q mag for out athletes, Super Bowl and more sporty spice

Even weighed down in social albatrosses, the NFL is still making strides for LGBTQ inclusion as it prepares a week of activities during the Super Bowl in Atlanta. That includes several out athletes, allied organizations, diversity panels and officially sanctioned queer events.

Q is here for all of it. As this issue hits the stands, openly gay football player Michael Sam and lesbian WNBA star Layshia Clarendon host Sports for Change at the Center for Civil & Human Rights. But that’s just the beginning.

Building on their momentum, Q Cover model Amazin LeThi appears during the Atlanta Women in Sports Panel at the Gathering Spot on Jan. 31. Then out former Falcon Esera Tuaolo gathers a Who’s-Who in sports and entertainment for his Super Bowl Inclusion Panel & Party on Jan. 29.

Q talks to both LeThi and Tuaolo about their events, the influence of out athletes and LGBTQ inclusion, and the high stakes of inclusion when all eyes are on Atlanta like they are the next couple of weeks. In the spirit of all that sporty spice, 10 Queer Things lists 10 of the earliest pioneers who came out and changed the trajectory of their sports.

While you soak it all in, Q also honors our weekly commitment to bring you Q News, Q Voices, the best queer things to do in Atlanta, the latest Q Shots photo galleries, The Q advice column, and of course the LGBTQ and allied advertisers who keep us coming to you every week.

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