imageMiguel Gallegos, sensing his campaign for the Atlanta City Council might be stepping off a cliff, took pains Tuesday to wrap a tourniquet around a wound festering since last week.

Gallegos—one of three gay men and six candidates overall for the District 6 post—took charge of a back-and-forth between his deputy campaign manager, Mitch Esmond, and the Atlanta Progressive News that ended with Esmond threatening to file a “liable” lawsuit against the media outlet.

APN irritated the campaign when it published an internal email—apparently erroneously sent to APN—laying out Esmond’s plan to deceive the media outlet concerning a questionnaire sent to all six candidates. Gallegos was one of three candidate who didn’t respond.

So Gallegos, apparently aware that threatening to sue a media outlet for reporting about an email his campaign sent doesn’t make for good PR, responded Tuesday with a three-paragraph note to APN in the comment section of a post about the errant email.

I wanted to write a personal note to you and your readers. I am taking full responsibility for the errors that occurred September 18, 2009, when my Deputy Campaign Manager inadvertently sent via email correspondence, an internal document that was meant for me and mistakenly somehow was sent to your email address.

I want you to know that the actions mentioned in the email correspondence to APN were not approved by me and are not indicative of the open and honest campaign that I am trying to run.

I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail and reading many more articles in the Atlanta Progressive News online site.

Gallegos didn’t comment on Liz Coyle’s call for him to fire Esmond over the email. Coyle is also running for the District 6 seat.