Well that only took six years. But confirmed gay "white boy" Doug Carl is about to cash a fat check from Fulton County over a federal lawsuit alleging that he was forced out of a job over his race and gender.

Carl was awarded $1.7 million in the case last month and the county stubbornly said it would appeal. But last week, the County Commission quietly voted to approve a two-pronged settlement -- $979,853 in cash and nearly $600,000 in pension payments that begin in December 2017, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The combined value of the cash and pension benefits is nearly $1.6 million. That’s slightly than the nearly $1.7 million in damages and litigation costs Carl won in lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Atlanta.

Under the settlement, the county will not appeal the jury verdict that resulted in the award. The county will pay Carl $722,869 when the settlement is finalized, plus another $256,985 next January.

Commissioners approved the settlement by vote of 5-0. County officials declined to comment on the settlement.

Carl retired in 2010 as deputy director of the county’s human services department after his position was eliminated. He was not promoted to director after Fulton County Attorney David Ware said Carl “blew the interview.” But Carl’s attorney said testimony in the lawsuit proved that the decision was based on race and gender and offered testimony that County Commissioner Emma Darnell interfered in the hiring process. Carl sued more than five years ago.

During the trial, the jury heard secondhand testimony that Darnell—who once opposed offering gay county employees domestic partner benefits by deriding them as “shacking up”—told a county official that she had “too many white boys” in Carl’s department. Darnell denied making the statement.