Free condoms to help you get through coronavirus in Atlanta

Magnums. Variety. Non-latex. And even internal. However you Netflix and chill during coronavirus, Positive Impact Health Centers has the perfect accessory: Condoms delivered to your mailbox – for free.

The HIV non-profit announced the condoms by mail program on Friday. Stocked with tens of thousands of condoms in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, the agency’s prevention specialists got creative. Really creative. 

“This Condom By Mail Program is a new strategy to help end the HIV epidemic while combating COVID-19 in Atlanta,” said Olivia Chelko, PIHC’s development and communications vice president.

“We wanted to ensure the community has access to condoms during Georgia’s shelter-in-place order to practice safer sex,” she added.

The condoms are provided free to anyone who requests them. PIHC’s condom distribution is a staple of their HIV prevention efforts, so the agency already had the condoms in stock thanks to federal, state and local grants. 

“We are just distributing them in a way to keep physical distance and reduce traffic into the building for those receiving urgent care,” Chelko said.

It’s one more way the agency has pivoted since the pandemic started. PIHC has also initiated prescriptions by delivery and curbside pickup, modified its hours and introduced telehealth options.

“After the pandemic, if this program is successful, we will continue it. We are always developing new strategies to reduce barriers to HIV prevention or care for the greater Atlanta community,” Chelko said.

Here’s how to order the condoms:

1. Choose one condom pack:
Option 1: Magnum Pack (10 Magnum condoms)
Option 2: Variety Pack (15 condoms)
Option 3: Non-latex Male Pack (10 non-latex condoms)
Option 4: Internal Condoms (5 previously known as “Female” condoms)

2. Call one of PIHC’s confidential condom line at (678) 990-6435 or (404) 977-5122.
3. Leave your name, mailing address, phone number (only needed for address confirmation) and preferred condom pack.

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