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Downsizing: Joan Crawford says get off your ass

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I missed a week. Even though I didn’t manage to write about the workouts, I still managed to get them done. Which brings us to this week’s topic: Time Management.    READ MORE »

Fitness  |  Downsizing  |  videos

Downsizing: We can work it out

Kevin and I present the first of the four workouts we’ll be doing each week. We even made a video, just like Richard Simmons. And unlike last time, my clothes stay on.    READ MORE »

Downsizing: No time? No money? No problem.

“I feel obligated to open with an apology for the sight of me in my underpants. I made a commitment, and I intend to see it through. Unfortunately, it begins with an act of public humiliation.”    READ MORE »

Fitness: Strength training dos, don’ts and myths

There are numerous myths that make some people avoid strength training, and fortunately, almost all of them are myths. Increase your blood pressure or bodyweight? Nope.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Exercises you can do most anywhere

Using your own bodyweight doesn’t require equipment and can be done wherever you are. Squats, trunk curls, push-ups, bar-dips and chin-ups are great to include in any conditioning program.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Buck trends for the four best exercises

Exercise trends are called that for a reason. They last about as long as a head of lettuce and offer about as many benefits. But some have been around forever, and that's because they work.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Let cardio help you define yourself

You love the challenge and the simple rewards of lifting. Devoting gym time to cardio exercise feels like you're burning away hard-earned muscle. But you're not–you're revealing it.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Seven steps to workout success

Ever wonder why some guys get more fit every year while others seem to take one step forward, two steps back? Continuous gains without setbacks aren't found in a supplement, routine or drug.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Boys of Summer, or just look like one

In Part 1 of softball and baseball conditioning, we helped improve your aerobic condition and bat speed. This week, swing with strength by training your core, legs and forearms.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Softball, baseball conditioning, Part 1

Atlanta’s gay softball leagues are already on the diamonds. Whether you compete or just want to be in shape to play ball, use this two-part guide. First up: aerobic and endurance drills.    READ MORE »

Wednesday: 28 gay things to do in Atlanta today

The long and winding list of LGBT activities and events brings us these faves: Dining Out For Life, ATL Film Fest afterparty, Gold & Chocolate and girls, both real and imagined.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Eight weeks to the ultimate beach body

If you like a challenge, want to lose fat and gain strength to give you your ultimate Beach Body, we offer this day-by-day, step-by-step workout that can help get you there quickly.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: How to increase your bench press

So you’ve maxed out your press? Or worse, you’re having trouble getting started and no luck increasing your poundage? Don’t sweat it. Other exercises can help you get it up. The weight, that is.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Eating your way to a hotter body

Most people, even fitness buffs, have no idea of how to eat correctly. Some think that drinking shakes or eating just protein is the way to go. Crazy diets deprive your body, so pay attention.    READ MORE »

Fitness: Resistance training in the pool

A well-rounded fitness program should include cardiovascular and flexibility components. But don’t head straight to the equipment room for resistance training. Consider hitting the water.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Stretching your way to better health

Before we became such a highly industrialized, automated and sedentary society, most Americans spent most of their day doing some form of physical activity. Today, we must use it or lose it.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: training tips for spring athletics

If your workout routine suffered over the weekend—or even all winter long—you can get back in the swing of things for spring, just like the gay sports leagues that are ramping up their spring schedules.    READ MORE »

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Fitness: Seven tips to gain mass and power

If you’re already working like a horse but still can’t seem to build the bulk you’re looking for, look at what you’re eating, how you’re resting and exactly how you work out, from variety to consistency.    READ MORE »

Fitness: No sugar? How’s a body get so sweet?

Too much sugar can have unpleasant consequences from tooth decay and obesity to diabetes and heart disease. In the battle to reduce body fat, are there alternatives to the white stuff?    READ MORE »

Fitness: Tips for building more impressive calves

Building bigger calves is a goal for many of us. Great calf muscles are also one of the more difficult to achieve. Most people focus on the upper body, and unfortunately, the disproportionate result shows.    READ MORE »