Anne Fauver, who surprised the city’s political scene today by ending her bid for a third term, says her health didn’t drive her from the campaign.

Fauver, who was diagnosed with breast cancer late in her first term, tells Southern Voice in an interview late Monday that her health didn’t force her departure.

“Frankly I’ve been healthy for so long that I don’t consider it any more, but that’s the first thing that people think of,” she said.

Fauver says the bigger motivation to leave the campaign was the economy.

“The economy has been rough on us all if we’re honest about it,” Fauver said. “I need to find a new challenge that pays better.”

Fauver surprised the city’s political landscape with an email to constituents Monday announcing she’s no longer running for a third term as the District 6 representative on the Atlanta City Council. She is the council’s only openly gay person.

The announcement leaves gay business consultant Steve Brodie as the only announced candidate in the race, which won’t see official qualifying until September. Voters will pick Fauver’s replacement in November.

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