Faith vs. fear in a queer game of ‘Would You Rather?’

Which is Worse? In the would-you-rather queer battle between courage of convictions vs. fear of being wrong, err on the side of action. 

When faced with a great idea that scares the crap out of you, or a challenge you very well could fail, doing nothing is the easiest answer in the moment, but possibly the wrong answer in the long run.

This edition of Q magazine's 10 Queer Things suggests you ask yourself 10 either-or questions to help decide. For each one, which is better? This? Or that? 




Benefit of the doubt or skepticism?


Crossing the line or staring at the line for your whole life?


Too much faith or too much fear?


Speaking up and being rejected or remaining silent?


Deciding wrongly or never deciding?


Loving and losing or not loving at all?


Doing or wondering?


Acting on your convictions, or acting on your reputation?


Hating what you see, or having nothing to see?


Failing or not trying?

This feature originally ran in Q magazine. Read the digital version of the full issue below:



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