Forget the hearts and flowers. Atlanta Radical Faeries and the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence inject Valentine’s Weekend with a healthy dose of costumed revelry, communitywide love, and as both groups are wont to do, all for a good cause.

After a seriously fun no-holds-barred throwdown last year (view photos), which carried the alien theme “Cosmic Ball,” they go darker but keep things light, if that makes sense.

Friday’s Intergalactic Love Affair 2012 at Jungle gets a glitter-dusting of “Digital Doomsday Disco” this year. Think post-Apocalyptic ascension, children. Think outside the box. And as both of the collaborative organizing groups show all year, also think “anything goes” when planning how you’ll show your spirit. Body paint. Wings. Self-inspired spectacles.

The Uprising Was Imminent. The TransFormation Has Begun. … The annual Valentine-season Intergalactic Love Affair celebrates and welcomes the end of days, the rebirth of spirit, and the portal into a New Age!

One of the most exciting events of 2011 has returned with a spectacle of lights, sounds, creatures, costumes, and illusions to guide you to the New Tomorrow!

How far can you take it? As daring or bare-ing as you can muster, as the 2011 event (photos) attests.

Two of gay Atlanta’s favorite DJs, Diablo Rojo and Vicki Powell, provide the beats “ready to leave craters in the dance floor.” Spreading the LGBT love, the event benefits Feminist Women’s Health Center’s Trans Health Initiative. Besides your attendance at the Love Affair, you can also donate to this year’s beneficiary online.

Photos by Alli Royce Soble