imageBig gay thanks to those of you who voted us Best Gay Blog in the “Best of Atlanta” contest in the GA Voice. The LGBT newspaper hosts all comers at a Thursday night celebration of Friday’s special issue and announced the winners and runners up early.

Of course, we are thrilled with the results in our category, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to include us among your other favorites. We don’t do it for the recognition, but we admit it’s a nice bonus for our little operation to be honored this way. In return, we promise to keep doing our best to earn a place in your daily media diet.

Project Q Atlanta dominated the voting on its way to being named best gay blog by Georgia Voice readers. Owned and operated by Matt Hennie and Mike Fleming [photo, l-r], the site covers the spectrum of gay Atlanta news and events while providing an impressive social calendar and your daily dose of beefcake.

Nominees, winners and all of LGBT Atlanta are invited to Thursday’s party with DJ Vicki Powell at Aurum, where we’ll be doing our thing: namely, mingling, taking notes, and snapping pictures for the newest addition to more than 400 (and counting) Project Q Atlanta photo galleries that include upwards of 15,000 photos from most every corner of the gAy-TL.

imageLook for the tallest man at the party, then note this prediction: that man has a camera. That’s founder Matt Hennie. He doesn’t bite unless you ask, so don’t hesitate to approach him for a photo of you and yours.

Much like the finalists shamelessly stumping for online votes (ahem, including us) when the contest was announced, readers clamored to get a gander at all of Thursday’s results, and winners barraged social media with their appreciation as word spread.

Like the comments that followed those Facebook and Twitter posts, we congratulate and thank all the nominees on their contribution to the queer village we all call home. That goes double for the folks at GA Voice for the effort on the contest, the “Best of Atlanta” special issue to hit stands Friday, and the big gay party.

Like the headline says, everyone’s a winner. We hope to meet more of you at the “Best Of” shindig and see you back here soon for your daily dose of queer news, entertainment, interviews and events. Thank you again for the support.