Gay Atlanta's latest queen combatant on "RuPaul's Drag Race" isn't playing nicely with the other contestants. But no matter as she keeps wowing the judges. 

Violet Chachki nailed her "Drag Race" debut but that bitchy side that gay Atlanta loves is wearing thin with competitors. On Monday's episode, she gets picked last – again – for the challenge. And along the way, she irritates her teammates. Again. 

"Violet does have a tendency to be sort of bitchy," says Max, who's leading the team with Chachki and Jaidynn.

The challenge has the queens parodying RuPaul's hit songs. Which means singing and that doesn't go so well for Chachki. Sexy composer and music producer Lucian Piane tries to help. Chachki defensively snaps back and puts the blame for her singing woes on him.

But no matter. This episode is all about ass. Chachki's ass, which she dangles on the runway as she serves lime green showgirl. 

"I'm giving you ass, ass, ass," Chachki says.

That booty mesmerizes actress and guest judge Jessica Alba.

"Your tushie is so phenomenal. It is just perfection," Alba gushes. "I want to suck the life out of her."

And RuPaul can't look away. 

"Here's a queen who has studied. She's really smart and 22 years old," RuPaul says.

Show enough ass to the judges and you can be an ass to the other queens. A "Drag Race" lesson to live by.