Student leaders at Atlanta’s gayest college, Emory, stomped their privileged feet and politely wagged fingers of disapproval at their campus Chick-fil-A on Monday over the chain’s anti-gay shenanigans. Ouch that stings, says no Chick-fil-A executive anywhere.

Emory’s Student Government Association voted 18-3 with three abstentions to approve a resolution opposing the Atlanta-based company’s Sodexho-operated campus restaurant. The resolution says the school should support LGBT students and help find an end to the controversy over the company’s anti-gay rhetoric and donations to anti-gay groups, according to the Emory Wheel.

“Chick-fil-A has become a symbol for some people of anti-gay attitudes and oppression,” said bill author Rate. “This is not a bill calling for a ban on Chick-fil-A, instead it’s a resolution talking about the importance of this issue and indication what the next steps should be, working toward a positive solution.”

The impact of this huffing and puffing? Not much. The school chided Chick-fil-A last summer though President James Wagner, who loves the gays as much as waffle fries, followed up by proclaiming that the university would not push for Chick-fil-A’s removal. And Emory students don’t seem inclined to stage another walkout over the issue.

But the gays seem pleased with the new resolution, even if they called for Chick-fil-A’s ouster earlier this year.

“I’m very grateful to the SGA for supporting our community in this issue, and I’m very proud to have an SGA that will stand up for justice and for what is right,” said College junior and Emory pride president Dohyun Ahn. “The resolution passing will … help us in the long run to engage in dialogue with the administration.”

Maybe the campus could swap Chick-fil-A for Jack in the Box.