imageIt’s tough to gauge the gay-friendly factor on college campuses.

“The Best 371 Colleges” from the Princeton Review bases its lists of best and worst places for gay students on a single question and completely overlooks Emory, which is easy to mistake as a gay country club.

The Campus Climate Index from Campus Pride uses a 5-star scale based on a variety of factors including student life, academic life, campus safety and policy inclusion. But it only includes four schools in Georgia—Emory, Kennesaw State, Georgia Gwinnett and Valdosta State.

Southern Voice adapts the Campus Pride survey and uses 16 questions to rank colleges in Georgia on a 100-point scale (chart below).

The mix of results can be a bit confusing for the college-age gays.

But one point is clear through all of the haze: Emory loves the gays, so much so that it ought to host the Atlanta Pride Festival in its quad next time the event gets kicked out of Piedmont Park. It’d be difficult to tell the difference from any other day on the Decatur campus.

Emory scored the highest in SoVo’s recent rankings—nabbing 90 out of 100 points only because it lacks a group for LGBT staff and a major in LGBT studies. (In fact, no school on SoVo’s survey has a gay major or minor.) The campus also scored 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Campus Climate Index.

The worst in the state? The Campus Climate Index gave 1.5 out of 5 stars to both Georgia Gwinnett and Valdosta State. Berry College scored a measly 15 on SoVo’s survey.

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