The Peach Buzz’s Richard Eldredge is a big Elton John fan. And really, we don’t have a problem with that as the Atlanta Journal Constitution scribe always offers up interesting tidbits and quips from the gay part-time Atlanta singer.

Like this: In celebration of John’s 62nd birthday this week, he offered Peach Buzz some insight into what he’s listening to these days.

First up, Sir Elton is hooked on the single “Walking on a Dream” from Australian duo Empire of the Sun. The MGMT-esque pop pairing is a collaboration between the Sleepy Jackson’s Luke Steele and Pnau frontman Nick Littlemore. The single and remixes currently can be downloaded off iTunes. Empire’s full debut album is due stateside April 21.

“They’ve got a terrific sense of melody,” John told us. “I was just listening to it again this morning.”

The biggest curve ball Sir Elton tossed us?

He’s loving “Hurricane,” the crazy good new Grace Jones album. The main problem? It’s not yet available on these shores or on iTunes for that matter. is stocking imported copies, however.

“It’s a shame more people in the U.S. haven’t heard it,” John said. “I love it, and [the song] ‘Williams’ Blood’ is [expletive] amazing. She sounds great. It’s a great return for her. You have to hear it!”

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