What started with nine ended with one on Wednesday as the third season of Dragnique capped its run at Jungle with a batch of duets and then head-to-head competition among the four finalists.

When the glitter settled, the drag competition ended like it started: Edie Cheezburger (top photo) was crowned the winner. Evah Destruction was named runner up.

The finale marked the fourth win in five weeks of Dragnique for Cheezburger, who notched wins in Week 1, Week 2’s Past Meets Present and Week 3’s Seven Deadly Sins. Only ARoara Thunder displaced Cheezburger during Week 4’s celebrity impersonations challenge.

The finale on Wednesday also raised nearly $600 for the Armorettes, the latest non-profit to benefit from the tips collected each week by the competitors. Those tips, and a vote by the crowd, determined the winner each week.

Throughout the competition, Bubba D. Licious channeled her inner Ryan Seacrest to emcee and Phoenix served as head judge. On Wednesday, Alisa Summers—the Tampa queen booted from the Season 4 premiere of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”—and Armorette Sofonda Cox joined Phoenix as judges. Judges in past weeks included Raja, Season 2 winner Rapture Divine Cox and Savannah Leigh.

Cheezburger’s reaction to the win? It nearly left her speechless. Nearly. “Wow.”